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QuizBiz – a new mobile social learning tool for learning programs

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QuizBiz gives players valuable insights into their knowledge gaps and at an organizational level helps align Learning & Development activities to topics that are needed the most. It also addresses the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve with refresher training providing better reinforcement and retention.

Mumbai, May 25, 2015: Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) is launching QuizBiz – a new social game solution for mobile devices that can be used by corporate and educational organizations to create their own social game to be used in the organization.

QuizBiz features a Game App that players can download to their mobile devices and challenge friends and colleagues and a Game Engine that allows the organization to manage users, author & edit questions and games, besides viewing analytics. The game mechanics are based on popular trivia games on smartphones and tablets.

Rati Menon, Managing Director, Tata Interactive Systems AG, says, “Through QuizBiz, we wanted to do three things. First, we wanted it to be really easy for an organization to create questions on topics of their choice and set up a social quiz game for the users. Second, we wanted the game to be really fun and addictive. With QuizBiz, users can challenge each other to a mini game on their knowledge across various topics. The social nature of the game along with the elements like leaderboards help engage users far beyond normal learning programs or quizzes. Third and the most important aspect is the Analytics available. Players too can view their position on the Leaderboard and also view detailed analytics on their performance. The My Performance Section allows a user to evaluate his performance across all the topics and get an insight into the gaps. Organizations can aggregate and analyze this data to understand the areas to spend their training dollar on. It also allows for customization and personalization of the learning programs.”

“The QuizBiz game is dynamic and easily modifiable as well as scalable to the needs of the business. Organizations can easily set up and change games, questions and users.  This can be deployed by companies in a wide range of situations – around a corporate initiative, training and sales and marketing to customers,” adds Rati. 

The game is designed as a secure, cloud-based SaaS service and is available in multiple languages.

For more information, please contact:

Rati Menon

Managing Director

Tata Interactive Systems AG