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StratX Launches New Value Proposition for 2016: Powerful Experiential Learning for Business Impact

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StratX has launched a new value proposition for 2016. With the tagline “Powerful Experiential Learning For Business Impact” the company is engaged to provide experiential learning programs instilled with emotion and competitive spirit, leading to lasting on-the-job change.

Experiential learning in action at one of StratX's international learning development programs.
Experiential learning in action at one of StratX's international learning development programs.  

The new proposition states that investment in building capabilities should have a significant return through business impact. The Learn, Experience, Apply approach is the fundamental key to achieving results.

StratX partners with customers to understand their desired business outcomes and expertly design and deliver engaging customized learning solutions.

The head of the Leadership Program from Safran, Maria Banu, especially welcomed the tailored feedback and business impact provided through the experiential learning approach.

"Stratx’s programs create a collective momentum and eliminate any potential stress or anxiety. Another benefit is long-term knowledge retention. Concepts that are learned via other methods can fade quickly from memory. But, with the simulations, participants retain more than 75% of the program content because they have 'experienced’ it in an extremely realistic way. Several years later, they still remember what they learned from these simulations." She said.

One million leaders in 66 countries, 40 Fortune Global 500 clients and 400 top business schools have turned to StratX expertise to build their business capabilities.

Over the past 30 years, StratX experiential learning expertise has supported client growth by developing their leaders’ capabilities, empowering them to generate effective customer-centric and market-driven strategies.


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