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Paradiso Mobile LMS App Live on Google Play Store

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Paradiso mobile learning app, that redefines mobile learning by offering the best in breed features, is now available for download on Google Play Store. This mobile learning App enables real-time LMS sync and offline usability.

February 10, 2016

San Francisco, United States

Paradiso Solutions, the silicon-valley based premier elearning services and solutions provider, announced today the release of its mobile learning app on Google Play Store. This mobile learning app comes as a boon for the users who are tied up with travel, work or with having limited internet accessibility/bandwidth.

“Our mobile learning App is made exclusively for the leading-edge on-the-go global learner of today.” said Andrew Das, the Marketing Manager at Paradiso Solutions. Sounding convivial while speaking about the mobile LMS app, he said, “Our Mobile Learning App enables users to learn anywhere, anytime via their smartphones. The next-gen features, practicability, usability, effectiveness and seamless performance of our mobile learning App is truly second to none. It seems as if we’ve instinctively provided the solution that the mobile learners have been asking for till date.”

Throwing some more light on the features of the mobile learning app, Andrew said, “LMS data sync that happens via the ‘synchronize’ icon in the mobile learning App, syncs data in real-time from the LMS web to the LMS mobile app. Also, with the availability of a culminating offline content player, the mobile learner has the option of downloading the course content when online, and then viewing it later at his discretion when offline.”

He further said, “When the user logs into the mobile learning app, he can choose different forms of content learning options like quiz, interactive & embedded videos, PDF, Docx etc. In addition, the enrolled course user can access video courses (only if the course contains a video) by clicking the ‘Try mp4’ link. This enables the user to view that video in full-screen mode.”

Enlisting the other awesome features, this mobile learning app enables the learners to -

-  Access assigned eLearning courses and from anywhere, anytime and any device

- Search/Filter courses with respect to course name

-   Set, view and attend calendar events

-  Take quiz on his smartphone/mobile device

-  Search and self enroll courses from the online library

-  Set the default Language for the mobile app

-  Shows the total space app is taking to save cache or data or files. Estimated (remaining) free space ultimately shows free memory on your android device

-  Review and download achievements

-  Add, Change or remove the site & login with other instances of the site

We also had Sach Chaudhari, CEO of Paradiso Solutions, speak about the mobile learning app. He commented, “By putting into effect this mobile learning app, organizations would enjoy a higher learner retention, engagement and course consumption. Owing to the fact that the app allows the course administers to deliver the learning instances directly to the mobile phones of the elearners, the need for email or paper based solutions gets eliminated. So you see, our mobile learning app provides a cohesive, all-inclusive and integrated on the front burner elearning solution for the on-the-go elearner of today.”