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Getting to the grassroots of L&D in the UK

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Optimus Learning Services has launched its second annual Learning and Development survey. The company is focusing this year’s survey on Learning and Development at the grassroots level - what is really happening within L&D departments.

Optimus Learning Services hopes to gain survey responses from UK-based companies with 250 to 2,000 employees. While that is Optimus’ aim to gather information, the company’s survey is open to other businesses of all sizes. 

“We want to help L&D professionals learn from their peers,” Blake Henegan, Optimus Learning Services founder and MD, said. “This survey will help us uncover what is really happening within L&D departments. As our 2nd annual survey, we will examine the progress from last year and provide our unique insights into the L&D profession.” 

According to Blake, this year’s survey compliments other surveys in the L&D sector. It focuses on understanding what is really happening within L&D departments by asking questions about the challenges and priorities for L&D professions. Exploring how much time is spent on strategy and planning versus time spent on execution and understanding how involved L&D professionals are in the process of selecting external training will paint a useful picture. 

The survey will give Optimus Learning Services and all participants a better idea of how L&D professionals work as the results will be benchmarked against other companies’ departments. 

“We believe the survey is needed as we know that L&D professionals can often work in small teams or in isolation, without networks or connections “ Blake explained. “Other reports in the sector highlight what the best companies do, so ours is focused more on what the others are doing.” 

Individuals can complete the Optimus Learning Services survey by visiting:

The survey takes approximately seven minutes to complete and the results can be vital in improving the L&D of companies across the U.K. Optimus Learning Services will publish the results in early February. Survey participants will receive an advanced copy of the results.