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360AI by EDIA Develops New Integration with Alfresco CMS

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360AI, powered by EDIA, has recently developed its first version integration with Alfresco. Alfresco is a popular content management system used by large education publishers such as Pearson, Cengage Learning, Oxford University Press and others.


With the 360AI Alfresco Integration, publishers can upload thousands of files directly into the environment and access their content instantly. 360AI instantly extracts property details of each file uploaded such as keywords, topics, content source, CEFR reading level and more. The integration also gives users a smart search function to view different filters which were previously unavailable. 

The founders of EDIA, Jaeques Koeman and Roland Groen, recognize that most publishers share the same problem of not producing enough adaptive content for driving personalized learning at scale. While the Alfresco CMS helps prepare publishers to digitize their content, 360AI helps publishers prepare for the personalized learning era. 

360AI enables publishers to accurately metadata-tag content to the right topic, identify the reading level and extract relevant keywords, therefore, ensuring that content is properly curated, reused, and recreated. With this integration, publishers will experience the perfect match between the capabilities of 360AI and Alfresco. 

Co-Founder and CTIO, Roland Groen states, 

“Our integration will enable publishers who use Alfresco for better reuse of their existing educational content. For instance, our keyword-extraction makes use of a semantic model that disambiguates keywords based on the context. This makes our keyword extraction perform significantly better than previous solutions. Our integration also enables educational publishers to take advantage of content curation and reuse in ways that have never been possible before.” 

If you’d like to check out what 360AI has to offer, EDIA will be attending the OEB conference in Berlin from December 5-7th. Please visit booth B12 to find out more information. 

About EDIA

The founders of EDIA, Jaeques Koeman and Roland Groen, envisioned that smart automation would play a significant role in the content creation industry. EDIA developed 360AI, an artificial intelligence engine created specifically for education publishers. 360AI offers AI capabilities which automate metadata-tagging so that content managers can search, curate, reuse and recreate smart content. With 360AI, data-entry and administrative tasks are alleviated during the publication process. Ultimately, 360AI shortens time-to-market for adaptive content at lower costs.

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