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Leading EdTech firm Near-Life launches pioneering video elearning authoring tool

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Pioneering EdTech firm Near-Life has announced the launch of an interactive video elearning authoring tool which allows users to design and publish their own learning content.


Near-Life™ CREATOR is a bespoke, cloud-based video authoring tool for creating interactive and immersive learning scenarios that sit well and truly at the forefront of the progressive EdTech sphere.

The experiential interactive video authoring tool will officially launch at Learning Technologies 2020 in London in February. This advanced elearning software puts designers and content producers firmly in control and is the first platform of its kind to take scenario-based learning to a whole new level.

Near-Life™ specialises in immersive training by creating high quality elearning authoring tools. The company’s interactive video software allows people to experience realistic scenarios, where they are presented with choices and their decisions determine the outcome.

Near-Life™ Co-Founder and CEO Mike Todd said: “Our mission is to improve the way people learn. We want to make learning more interactive, immersive and engaging. Crafting real world scenarios with relevant choices is easy with Near-Life™ CREATOR.

“The results allow for the delivery of meaningful content, resulting in a richer learning experience and improved knowledge retention. We aim to push the boundaries in the world of immersive learning and Near-Life™ CREATOR will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our strategic goals.”

Near-Life™ CREATOR provides the flexibility to create learning experiences that work for everyone. Branching scenarios allow a gamification approach to learning by doing and are designed to maximise the impact of the interactive video content. Meanwhile, clean and simple scenario development lets users script and produce content which is equally matched in design. Interactions can be customised on this content authoring tool with branding options and time limit parameters.

Learning interactions can be text choices of clickable on-screen ‘hot spots’. Interactions can be given weighted scores, providing greater clarity. The technology includes intelligent reporting on the choices that learners are making.

The Near-Life™ CREATOR dashboard shows how learners interact with certain scenarios and affords trainers insights into the choices they make. It is also possible to see where, when and how people access their learning.

The content authoring tool does not just show the progress of individual learners. It can also give deeper insights at an organisational level to reveal learning strengths and weaknesses.

Designed for seamless integration, Near-Life™ CREATOR stays ahead of the curve by being compatible with other platforms and all industry standards.

It is easy to share scenarios via an existing LMS or website. They can be embedded and shared like any other video and scenarios can be published via SCORM or xAPI embed codes. Near-Life™ CREATOR also offers full LTI integration so that learner data can be captured and tracked. Hosting and support are included and software updates are applied automatically.

Near-Life’s award-winning team of experts can also offer learning and development consultancy, liaise with users to create their first projects and offer professional content production services.

Established in 2015, Near-Life™ has steadily grown and developed a global reputation for its groundbreaking work in the development and disaster response space. The company is behind international learning platform ‘The Resilience Academy’ and was a winner at last year’s Learning Technologies awards for their Frontline Humanitarian Toolbox project, which was developed in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council.

More recently, Near-Life™ was awarded a prestigious Innovate UK grant, to deliver an interactive VR project to support learning around World Health Organisation guidelines linked to Emergency Field Hospitals.