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New guide from Mind Tools to help engage deskless workers in learning

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Mind Tools has published 'Beyond the Desk' for L&D practitioners in public sector and healthcare settings.


Many L&D managers in the public sector face the challenge of delivering effective learning to frontline managers and teams. Different shift patterns, multiple locations and diverse roles – not to mention budget constraints – often means learning and development slides down the priority list.

In this new guide, Mind Tools shares ideas for addressing that challenge. It draws on their own research with L&D practitioners in public sector and healthcare settings. It also includes case studies, strategies and best practice examples from a selection of Mind Tools clients.

No desk? No problem. How L&D professionals can support their frontline managers and teams

Beyond the Desk covers:

  • Insights into the specific challenges faced by frontline managers and teams and how traditional training methods often fall short
  • The current landscape of learning and development in the public sector, including key statistics and findings from our industry research
  • An exploration of alternative strategies, such as using digital tools to support collaborative working and promote a continuous learning culture
  • Real-world case studies showcasing successful implementation of digital learning in organisations like London Borough of Camden and Metropolitan Police
  • How supporting self-directed learning can empower individuals to take ownership of their own development journey, even amidst the demands of frontline roles.

Dr Anna Barnett, Senior Insight Analyst with Mind Tools, comments:

“In 2023, the Mind Tools Insights team conducted in-depth research with 82 L&D leaders from central and local government organisations. In Beyond the Desk, we’ve summarised those findings along with real-world case studies, expert insights and practical strategies to help L&D managers deliver effective learning to their frontline managers and teams.”

You can download Beyond the Desk here.