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Mind Tools for Business launch new and improved 2022 Learning Performance Benchmark

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Mind Tools for Business evolves the Learning Performance Benchmark to help organizations better reflect on their L&D strategy and plan for future improvements.


As the world of work continues to change now more than ever it is crucial for L&D leaders to be measuring the impact of their L&D strategy. This year Mind Tools for Business are excited to be launching their new and improved Learning Performance Benchmark. For over 19 years the independent, free, and confidential L&D comparison tool has helped organizations improve their L&D strategy and unlock rich insights. Once the Learning Performance Benchmark has been completed, L&D leaders gain access to a personalized dashboard where they can clearly visualize their organization’s Learning Maturity Score, key areas for improvement and how they compare to their peers. So far, the tool has helped transform over 10,100 organizations across the world and 97% of participants said that just by completing the benchmark they have been able to generate new ideas for advancing their learning strategy.

To ensure every organization gets the most value from completing the Benchmark several enhancements have recently been made. Through rigorous user testing the Learning Performance Benchmark has been developed to create a smoother experience and each question has been carefully adapted to ensure the review is even more impactful for L&D leaders and their organizations. All questions have been thoroughly assessed and enhanced to include crucial elements such as timeframes. This will help organizations deeply reflect on their L&D strategy and plan for future improvements.

 ‘We’ve continued to evolve the Learning Performance Benchmark since its re-launch last year and are particularly pleased with the most recent improvements. We’ve reduced the amount of time it takes to complete the Review section through an improved design, more user-friendly language, and the ability to view previous responses before starting a new review. In addition, we’ve refreshed the whole question set to reflect the current L&D landscape. The whole experience is cleaner, smoother and shorter but still delivers the same depth of analysis which will enable organizations to take action.’

Owen Ferguson, Chief Product Officer, Emerald Works

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