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Create a collaborative learning culture with LMS365 and accelerate learner engagement

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LMS365, the learning platform built for Office 365, has been awarded as the Best Social Strategy for making learning an integral part of Microsoft Teams. A LMS365 expert will share the insights on how to transform a Microsoft Teams environment into a collaborative learning platform at Learning Technologies 2020.

Microsoft Teams has become one of the biggest hubs for teamwork with more than 13 million users daily. As a result, the time Office 365 users will be spending within Microsoft Teams will increase rapidly in 2020. Internal emails are being replaced by chat-based collaboration and colleagues are brought together via functional and project-based teams.

With more than 12+ years working closely with Microsoft technology, Travis Damgaard Campbell is an Office 365 specialist focused on turning Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online into the platform for corporate training. He loves working with the Learning and Development community and will be hosting the seminars.

“Anyone working in L&D understands the challenges of getting employees to access training content through a third-party learning platform. Microsoft Teams is the ultimate hub for a successful learning process as the employees can bring everything into a shared workspace, where you can learn, chat, meet and share files. With LMS365, learners have the training right at their fingertips within their familiar digital workspace. Where better to learn than in the flow of work?”, says Travis Damgaard Campbell.

Join the seminar on February 12 at 3:30 PM and February 13 at 2:45 PM in Theatre 4 and learn how to:

  • Access learning from your preferred and familiar platform
  • Embed training within a team and use chat bots to navigate the learning content
  • Personalize the learning experience to the individual user’s needs
  • Increase adoption of Microsoft Teams and improve ROI
  • Enable interpersonal collaboration while learning

By implementing quality employee training into the secure and interconnected Microsoft Teams platform, an organization is on its way to a thriving collaborative learning experience that keeps employees connected and empowered. Allow employees to learn, grow and connect in one, streamlined platform: Microsoft Teams.

LMS365, a Microsoft Preferred Solution, is one of the fastest growing cloud-based Learning Management Solutions in the market today.


Drop by booth L30 at this year’s Learning Technologies where you will find LMS365 experts ready to chat with you.