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What’s next for Digital Learning?

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What leading organisations are doing to build a better future: David Perring from Fosway joins the upcoming LTDX 2.0 conference to share the 2021 results of the Digital Learning Realities research.


As organisations adapt to a post lockdown world, the changes in how we support learning have been deep and lasting. But as the dust settles, what have we learned in the last year and what needs to change to make digital learning more effective?

What’s happening in high performing organisations to make learning more intelligence-led, more value-focused, more transformative in upskilling and reskilling – to help people to succeed against the backdrop of an even more challenging environment.

In this session, David Perring, Director of Research will share the 2021 results of the Digital Learning Realities research conducted in partnership with Fosway and Learning Technologies, including:

  • How COVID-19 changed learning forever

  • The new foundations for success for learning teams in a hybrid working world

  • Who and how learning teams are partnering with to drive bigger value

  • Things that should be on your radar for 2021-22 – old and new

David Perring's session What’s next for Digital Learning? What leading organisations are doing to build a better future, takes place during week one of the conference, Wednesday 23 June at 09:30 BST. 

The full programme and registration is available on the LTDX 2.0 website

To watch this session live, follow the link below 10 to 15 minutes before the session is due to start. You will be able to access the LTDX 2.0 virtual platform ‘Swapcard’ by using the email you used during your registration for LTDX 2.0 or 1.0. This session will show on your ‘My event’ page or at the top of the LTDX 2.0 Programme UK page.

Access the virtual platform:

LT Digital Experience
21 June to 2 July 2021

David Perring
Director of Research - Fosway Group

David has been a learning professional for over 30 years, always been at the forefront of learning innovation with a strong sense of optimism, energy and passion for transforming organisational learning and performance. Today, he holds a truly unique and privileged position. As Director of Research for Fosway Group, he independently explores the experiences of practitioners and suppliers to understand the realities of what’s happening in corporate learning, what’s inspiring change and what truly makes a difference. David’s expertise is rooted in his own practical and personal experience of continuously improving organisation’s adoption of learning and development solutions.