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Learning Technologies Digital Experience 2.0 programme announced

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The programme for the upcoming Learning Technologies Digital Experience 2.0 is announced; 100 L&D live sessions; event registration opens.


This summer’s Learning Technologies Digital Experience 2.0 (LTDX 2.0) takes place from June 21 to July 2 and is a chance to build on the February event – with a focus on action. We’ll be looking at the principles of workplace learning, and putting them into practice, emphasizing the new workplace that we’re entering as we emerge from the pandemic.

With a combination of different types of session, LTDX 2.0 will explore how L&D can use the opportunity of this moment to move from a reactive to a proactive role. What message should you be taking to your CEO, and how can you make the case for learning as a key strategic enabler? We’ll share what other organisations are doing right now along these lines, and explore how shifting the practice of L&D needs not only top-level buy-in, but also a change in the department’s own perspective.

We’ll look at how we can build a workforce that is not only more productive, but which is also more inclusive. How can we get the best out of everyone in the workforce, and ensure that the offerings of the learning and development department are not only effective and efficient, but also engaging and enjoyable?

How can L&D support this approach? We’ll examine the classic themes of producing great content and engagement, but above all we will explore the need for L&D today to operate from a solid position of data. Data and information are what power the business – and they are key to L&D exerting a positive influence on the business.

LTDX 2.0 Programme

Explore the LTDX 2.0 full programme on the event website.

Eight themes to explore

  1. Professional development: What are the key skills and attitudes to be successful today? How can you accelerate your career? And how can you stay curious during these demanding times?

  2. AI, data, analytics and impact: Showing impact is more important than ever for L&D, but it can’t be done with activity metrics. On this track, we’ll look at how to understand, interpret and report on data to work as part of the business.

  3. Tools and technologies: Whether it’s understanding how to create a learning ecosystem for a global enterprise or assessing which tools are useful, and which are just hype, we’ve got you covered with this theme.

  4. Content design: Content design has come a long way. The sessions on this theme explore how to design content well – so that it inspires, is accessible, and actually helps people learn.

  5. Programme implementation: Learn from case studies and hard-won advice from people who have been there and done it. These sessions will help you avoid common pitfalls and steer your way to success.

  6. Future L&D: In the middle of change, how do you set your learning strategy? How should L&D departments run? This theme is about helping you set your long-term strategy.

  7. Learning engagement: A learning programme is useless if people don’t engage with it. These sessions are all about persuading people to begin, and to continue, engaging with it, giving it the chance to make an impact.

  8. Talent and learning: As the nature of work changes, these sessions explore how to build a more sophisticated L&D function that works even more closely with the talent function to deliver value.

Event registration

Registration for LTDX 2.0 is open and available via the event website: Learning Technologies Digital Experience 2.0 registration

Free Pass: 

  • 60 free live interactive L&D sessions including keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, workshops and more

  • Networking with over 10,000 learning professionals

  • All sessions from LTDX February and June editions On-Demand until December 2021

Premium Pass - access to everything with the free pass plus:

  • Monthly online conferences and workshops, live and On-Demand until December 2021

  • On-Demand access to all premium sessions from LTDX February event until December 2021

  • Discounted access to other online and in-person events organised by Learning Technologies


LT Digital Experience 2021
21 June to 2 July 2021

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