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Building a learning technology ecosystem that works – everything you need to know

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David Wilson and Fiona Leteney will open the upcoming LT Digital Experience on learning technology ecosystems, the technology choices available and how they fit together.

Fiona Leteney and David Wilson: ‘learning ecosystems’
Fiona Leteney and David Wilson: ‘learning ecosystems’ 

LT Digital Experience, 15-26 February, opens with market analysts David Wilson and Fiona Leteney from Fosway hosting a conference session on learning technology ecosystems; the first of 30 Premium Programme sessions over the two-week event. 

LMS, LXP, mobile platforms, video learning, microlearning, virtual classrooms …there are more learning technology choices available than ever, but what do you really need? And more importantly, how do you make different solutions fit together to ensure real business impact and  great learning experiences for your people? 

Based on new research, David Wilson and Fiona Leteney of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, are here to help unpack the different elements that make up a learning technology ecosystem, including deconstructing key disruptive themes/specialisms such as Learning Experience, Skills Development, Intelligent Learning/AI, Mobile Delivery, Collaborative and Programmatic Learning. 

David’s and Fiona’s session on learning ecosystems takes place on day one and is the first session of the Premium Programme conference, Monday 15 Feb at 10:30. They will guide learning professionals through:

  • A Modern Learning Ecosystem and the elements you need to consider

  • Unpacking the Learning Experience story and areas of real disruption

  • How the Learning System vendors really stack up when it comes to disruptive specialisms

  • How to plan and execute so everything works together

The full programme and registration for the free-to-attend sessions and Premium Passes priced at £250 + VAT, are available on the LT Digital Experience 2021 website

LT Digital Experience
15-26 February 2021

Fiona Leteney
Senior Analyst, Fosway Group

Fiona Leteney has worked in the learning technology market since 2000, gaining a wealth of experience by either selling, implementing or managing learning solutions in a corporate context. As a recognised industry figure, she has been a magazine columnist since 2006 and judges the annual LT awards. In 2016 Fiona joined Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, as a Senior Analyst. Currently, she is the primary lead on research in the Learning Systems market and helps corporate clients accelerate their decision making across all aspects of next generation learning.

David Wilson
CEO, Fosway Group

David Wilson is founder and CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst. A major commentator on the HR, talent and learning markets for over 20 years, David is a strategic advisor to major corporate and supplier organisations across Europe. He personally leads Fosway’s research and is a leading speaker at major conferences and events around the world. In 2020 he has been recognised for his outstanding services to the learning industry with the Colin Corder Award from the LPI.