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Creating a culture of learning at Learning Technologies 2020

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Nigel Paine will be joined on stage by Kristina Tsiriotakis and Craige Heaney, respective global L&D heads of Deciem and Diageo, to host the closing session at Learning Technologies 2020, exploring embedding a culture of learning in organisations.

Kristina Tsiriotakis to host a session at Learning Technologies 2020: embedding a culture of learning in organisations
Kristina Tsiriotakis to host a session at Learning Technologies 2020: embedding a culture of learning in organisations 

Creating a culture of learning in organisations today is a trend that has come to the fore in the last 12months. But the concept has extensive roots and equally, huge potential and scope for the future. Here, we’ll explore real-world examples of organisations that are successfully embedding a true learning culture which drives their people to continuously learn, develop and improve their performance.

In a fast-moving world where change is the only constant, it pays to have people who are agile and adaptive. L&D can shape your people’s skills to ensure your organisation not just survives but thrives in an uncertain future. Discover how L&D can lead from the front with learning initiatives that fit the broader cultural context and embed learning that is easy to love. We will hear from two organisations, one very established and one just a few years old, to understand how to create a real culture of learning today.

Kristina Tsiriotakis and Craige Heaney’s closing session on learning culture takes place on day two of the conference, Thursday 13 Feb at 15:55, chaired by Nigel Paine. 

Embedding a culture of learning in your organisation, covers:

  • Understanding your people and what they need vs what they want
  • Talking their language and creating the right learning for their unique context
  • Digital considerations and how to take your learning culture into the digital age
  • Selecting the right suppliers and nurturing those relationships
  • Maintaining engagement and embedding this culture for the long term

Booking for the Learning Technologies 2020 Conference is available via the event website, with tickets priced at £1,295 + VAT.

About Nigel Paine

With over 25 years of experience in corporate learning, Nigel Paine is a regular speaker, writer and broadcaster on the topics of development, technology and leadership. Between 2002 and 2006 he headed up the BBC’s Learning and Development operation. Following this, he started his own company Ltd that is focused on building great workplaces. He has written three recent books, presents a monthly TV programme (Learning Now TV), and shares a weekly podcast (with Martin Couzins) called From Scratch.

About Kristina Tsiriotakis
Global Director of Learning and Development, Deciem

Kristina is an L&D professional with almost 20 years experience in retail sales and management and over 5 years experience developing and delivering innovative and impactful training for prestige beauty and is an experienced media personality on The Shopping Channel and QVC.

About Craige Heaney
Global Learning and Capability Director, Diageo

Craige has a track record of transforming several HR and L&D functions in large organisations across various industries. With a targeted approach in developing a seamless employee experience and aligning the products and services, operating model, processes and behaviours to deliver that experience. Craige's philosophy of shaping learning has evolved to include employee segmentation, data analytics, product development and swarm intelligence. Craige has some provocative thoughts on the barriers and the enablers to driving a continuous learning organisation.