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Creativity at work and in learning: Amy Burvall to keynote LTSF 2018

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Creativity and visual thinking consultant, Amy Burvall, is to provide the opening keynote address at the upcoming Learning Technologies Summer Forum on 12 June in London.

Critical creativity at work and in learning: Amy Burvall to keynote Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2018
Critical creativity at work and in learning: Amy Burvall to keynote Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2018 

In a world where automation threatens to take over so much of human activity, what will be left for us? The answer: arguably the most human activity of all ' creativity. In this keynote, Amy Burvall will challenge the idea that creativity is some elusive gift reserved for a few, and focus on how to access and sustain it, knowing that of all our skills, this is the one most likely to be vital for success in the future.

From the C-Suite to the classroom, everyone wants to think and act more creatively. Creativity is an essential human trait and is identified as one of the key skills for an unpredictable, changing world. It's often confused with talent, but it is in fact a way of being, and something that can be cultivated as a mindset and capacity. Organizations need flexible, agile thinkers and risk-takers for broad, strategic planning as well as troubleshooting tactical problems.

“How might we tap into innate curiosity, grow creative confidence, and tinker with possibilities and perspectives? How might creativity sharpen our critical thinking and make us masters of communication? And in a future where increasingly learning and development practitioners are required to be creative, how equipped are we to respond?” asks Donald H Taylor, Learning Technologies Summer Forum Conference Chair.

“In this thought-provoking keynote, participants will explore and engage in fresh approaches and gain takeaways for sustainable, creative practice.”

Amy Burvall’s opening address at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum - Intelligence having fun: cultivating a creative mindset in learning and living

  • Gain insight into 'Creativity Literacy' - just what is the nature of creativity and how does it work? '

  • Explore creative concepts such as metaphorical thinking, remix, wonder, dot-connecting, shifting perspective, purposeful play, environments, ideation, and habits

  • Engage in interactive practice of lateral thinking strategies with digital and analog tools you can use immediately

  • Take away a set of 'creative constraints' that can be used as prompts for teams in any domain

  • Understand and practice creative ideation skills to spark and sustain innovation.

  • Learn how 'thinking like an artist' can help with curation, ideation, experience design and innovation

The Learning Technologies Summer Forum takes places at London Olympia on 12 June. The full conference programme is available from the Learning Technologies Summer Forum website, along with how to attend, conference booking information and details about the co-located Learning Technologies Summer Forum exhibition.

About Amy Burvall

After 25 years in K-12 education Amy is currently consulting, creating, and curating in the fields of creativity, visual thinking, and digital literacies. Amy speaks internationally and facilitates learning experiences for the education and corporate sectors. She is a fellow of the RSA, an Apple Teacher, and a Google Education Innovator. She authored Innovation-themed curricula for a global education start-up and is co-author of Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom (2017). She is well known for her distinctive graphic designs and digital media work. Her tagline, 'the cloud is our campfire', alludes to her passion for networked knowledge and curiosity.