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Courses to resources: Nick Shackleton-Jones on Learning Now tv

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BP's Director of Online, Nick Shackleton-Jones, is interviewed on this month’s Learning Now tv, discussing how BP has moved from courses to resources and how it is making the most of wearables, apps and touch in learning. Thursday’s programme also takes an indepth look at curation in L&D, with Martin Couzins and Jon Kennard.

The next Learning Now tv is on Thursday 17 Dec
The next Learning Now tv is on Thursday 17 Dec 

In this month’s LNTV programme Nigel Paine interviews one of our best-known learning leaders, Nick Shackleton-Jones, while Kim George tackles leadership coaching with Discovery Networks’ Jennifer Wrigley and virtual classroom sessions with the Learning & Performance Institute’s Jo Cook.

“We’re looking forward to rounding of 2015 with another great programme, packed with interviews with learning leaders. December’s programme also includes two features on curation in L&D. Nigel Paine interviews Martin Couzins who believes curation is growing in importance for everyone in learning, and Jon Kennard’s Trainers Tips, which this month takes a look at the resources available for curation,” explained Learning Now tv’s executive producer, Colin Steed, ahead of Thursday’s programme.

The programme starts at 8.00 pm UK time on Thursday 17 December, one week earlier than usual, with Ady Howes’ live social stream from 7.45 pm for viewers to join in with.

December’s LNTV programme:

Nigel has a real conversation with BP's Director of Online, Nick Shackleton-Jones. In this extended edit version, Nick and Nigel discuss how BP has moved from courses to resources and they also cover wearables, apps and touch on how they are going to be used in learning.

Martin Couzins won an award for his services to learning at the Training Journal Awards this month. Here he discusses with Nigel about Curation and why everyone should be learning curation skills.

Jo Cook is one of the LPI's senior tutors on its global live online learning certification programmes COLF & CDOL. In this fascinating conversation with Kim George, Jo talks about the basic steps in facilitating and designing successful virtual classroom sessions.

Jennifer Wrigley, International L&D Manager at Discovery Networks, talks to Kim George about coaching and the benefits it can bring to leadership.

Helen Blunden is an avid vlogger and in this report she explains why vlogging is a passion and shows us some of the tools and equipment she uses to produce her well-received vlogs.

This month's Trainers' Tips, from TrainingZone Editor Jon Kennard, focuses on the resources available for curation.

As it's LNTV’s Christmas programme there’s a special feature where things don't go quite to plan...

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday November 17, 8.00 pm UK time with the regular live social stream with Ady Howes from 7.45 pm.