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Young people favour marketing careers

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Marketing seen as having good salary, career progression, variable career entry choices and transferable skills but with concerns over well-being: interview with Maggie Jones, Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Three fifths of young people consider marketing a career choice, with good salary and career progression and one in three view marketing as a safer option compared to other career choices in the face of economic uncertainty.

Marketing roles, and business roles generally, are becoming better understood by young people at the start of their careers. There are many and increasingly varied routes into a marketing, or marketing related careers, and marketing's transferable skills are seen as a strong base for wider career progression. 

Yet, despite this eagerness, three in ten parents don’t want their child working in marketing, with the its reputation for well-being and stress levels the top concerns.

With Learning and Development increasingly investing in marketing skills Learning News invited Maggie Jones, Director of Qualifications and Partnerships at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, to talk us through what they've been finding out about marketing as a career choice.

Correction: In the interview's introduction Rob meant to say ‘3-in-5 young people consider marketing a career choice, with good salary and career progression’ and not just that they are ‘considering a career in marketing’. Apologies for any confusion.

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