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Coronavirus, the learning sector’s response: learning design; sales and marketing

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Special report: Learning design; sales and marketing. Interviews with Juliette Denny from Growth Engineering, Daniel Rowles from The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Richard Barkey from Imparta and marketing consultant, Peter Labrow.


Research from The Elearning Guild suggests 85% of organisations are moving some or all of their classroom courses online. How can we ensure that all of the online learning being created works well? Learning News reached out to Juliette Denny, founder of Growth Engineering, a champion for effective learning, steeped in the methods proven to engage learners and transfer learning into changes in behaviour and workplace performance. 

The business development, sales and marketing functions across the commercial learning sector are under a great amount of pressure: many faced with declining orders, while some are overwhelmed with greater demand. Marketing is faced with considerable changes to its strategy and having to transform communications, quickly. It's to these people where our sector will look to to rebuild the business pipeline. Learning News has reached out to three learning sector sales and marketing experts for their views:

Daniel Rowles from The Chartered Institute of Marketing talks about the immediate effect on marketing and their members and talks about the CIM’s latest course, managing digital marketing channels.

Peter Labrow is a marketing consultant that has helped to build some of the learning sector’s biggest brands. Peter talks about the marketing tactics required as we progress through the pandemic.

Richard Barkey is the founder of the sales training and performance consultancy, Imparta. Richard has run webinars for thousands of people since the pandemic started on sales strategy and skills. Learning News asked Richard about his experiences running these webinars and what's working for sales people at the moment.

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