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Coronavirus, the learning sector’s response: IT training and online demand

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Special report: IT training - views from two IT training businesses, Darren Bance from QA, Jon Lang from DDLS. Online learning demand - the experiences of three digital learning providers, Catriona Razic from Skillcast, Claudio Erba from Docebo and Sarah Danzl from Degreed.


Learning News has reached out to learning leaders around the world to find out how learning businesses are responding and adapating to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This Learning News special report looks at how two of the world's largest IT training providers, QA in the UK and DDLS in Australia, have adpated their businesses to online delivery. QA and DDLS each provided training to thousands of people in face-to-face courses in training centres every week and have pivoted quickly to full online delivery. Darren Bance, Managing Director of Educational Operations at QA and Jon Lang, CEO of DDLS, join Learning News to explain how their business have been affected and how they have adapted to virtual delivery.

The learning industry's elearning and systems suppliers are reporting increased traffic on their platforms and are busy responding to customers faced with changing skills needs. Learning News spoke to Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo, Sarah Danzl, Head of Marketing Communications at Degreed and Catriona Razic, Co-founder of Skillcast to learn about their experiences of the last two months.

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