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LPI announces top 20 highest-performing learning providers of 2018

UKLearning NewsLPI (Learning and Performance Institute)

Using benchmark data from its well-established accreditation programme, the Learning & Performance Institute identifies the 20 highest-scoring learning providers, all of whom are operating at the very best levels of performance.


Buyers of learning products and services looking for recommended providers can now refer to the Top 20 Highest-Performing Learning Providers report, issued by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

Using data collected from the LPI's "Performance through Learning" programme, the report highlights the twenty highest-performing providers - those achieving the highest overall KPI scores from the programme's annual benchmark.

Organisations undergoing the Performance through Learning programme are formally accredited by the LPI, and each company listed in the report has held accredited status for at least one year, with some having retained continuous accreditation for over 21 years.

A notable feature of the report is the variety of learning providers and the markets in which they operate, with examples ranging from family-run businesses serving niche industries to large multi-national organisations offering services to a global market. 

Speaking about the report, Edmund Monk, CEO, LPI, said: "Organisations that gain LPI accreditation have a clear roadmap by which to build their capability and adapt their strategy for continual success. They demonstrate a strong customer value proposition and have a corporate culture that instils confidence throughout sales and marketing, to delivery and after-sales support. Accredited learning providers are passionate and committed to developing their staff, their products, their market reach, and their performance.

"Prospective and existing customers can be assured that these 20 organisations will provide the highest quality of service and the best user experience. They are trusted business partners, acting always in the best interests of their clients and, as such, fully endorsed by the Learning and Performance Institute."


More details on the operational areas benchmarked and how the results were calculated can be found in the report itself, which can be downloaded from the LPI's website.