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Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS ‘Coolest’ System on the Market

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Growth Engineering's revolutionary Academy LMS (an engagement focused Learning Management System) has beaten over 1000 competitors, to win 2nd place in Craig Weiss’ 2017 report on the top 50 learning platforms.


Craig Weiss is eLearning’s number one mover and shaker and the fount of all knowledge when it comes to learning platforms. He compiles an in-depth, annual analysis of the world’s top 50 LMSs, which contains valuable insights into each product’s key features and unique strengths. This thorough report is used by L&D professionals worldwide to determine the best platform to meet their needs. Craig’s analysis criteria for the top five learning platforms include:

  • User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) learner and admin accessibility

  • Functionality

  • Learning environment  

  • Features.  

Craig describes Growth Engineering's Academy LMS as: “by far one of the coolest systems on the market.” According to Craig, there are three key features that seal its position in the top 3:


Gamification (the application of gaming mechanics) is a core feature of Growth Engineering’s Academy LMS. Indeed, Craig identifies how Growth Engineering’s product offers more than the usual badges, points and leaderboards: “...gamification is inter-wrapped thru out...Feature rich driven, so make no mistake that this is more than just a “gamification” LMS.”


Growth Engineering is answering the call of the increasingly connected world, with both its established and brand new social features. The company has developed its social features to build on its successful collaborative learning functionalities. Craig describes Growth Engineering as: “One of the first vendors to offer the ‘ask the expert’ feature” and notes that social features on the Academy LMS have “increased two-fold.”


The Academy LMS and Growth Engineering’s other products, such as the game-based authoring tool Genie, are always evolving in response to learners’ mobile needs. Craig recognises these forward thinking developments, reporting that: “‘mobile is continuing to improve.” The company’s learning platforms are now more mobile-optimised than ever before, with their brand new app, the Knowledge Arcade, due for release later in 2017.


Growth Engineering’s Ideologist in Chief, Juliette Denny, said: “We're delighted that we've cracked Craig's Top 3 for the third year in the row! This is a testament to the awesome team of learning superheroes that we have here at Growth Engineering and our amazing customers, who are helping to stir up incredible levels of innovation. That number one slot better watch its back - we're coming for it!”