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Gamification Nation is celebrating wins and launching new initiatives at Learning Technologies

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Gamification Nation is delighted to celebrate new client wins, launch the book "Tapping into the crowd" and their online membership platform for those keen to learn more about gamification for learner and employee engagement.

Learning Technologies is also a celebration of our recent new clients. Gamification Nation is delighted to announce it is working on some amazing projects with Qinetiq, Civil Service Education and British American Tobacco. Each of these clients have very specific needs, and allow the company to delve into their employee base and design an engagement strategy for learning and performance management adapted to their situations, knowledge levels and objectives.

"We are using the event to pre-launch my next book "Tapping into the crowd - gaining competitive advantage from the inside out", which can now be pre-ordered from the publisher. Each chapter is summarised by a cartoon drawn by Nigel Sutherland, who was fab to work with. I wrote the book to draw the attention of decision makers to including employees in the decision making process for new ideas and improvements. I give some examples of the way I have achieved it with organisations and how the new paradigm of thinking is shifting away from a central decision point to more autonomous working units with their own decision authority," said An Coppens, Gamification Nation.

Visitors can drop by Gamification Nation's stand to collect a postcard with a chapter cartoon to lift a little more of the lid on the book's content.

Gamification Nation is also re-launching its online community "The Nation", which has been in existence for 2 years. It includes courses, groups, forums and a 2 mastermind programs. One on learner engagement and the other on employee engagement. Both programs include general citizenship of 'The Nation" as well as monthly webinars and a dedicated group.

"Because of the regular requests from a number of people, we are also adding an online mentoring option into the mix for those who want expert input, but don't have a bespoke budget or want to actually carry out the work themselves," commented Coppens.

Currently at the time the 2-D version is available, and in the next few weeks the 3-D version will come alive too with the help of the fabulous people at Edorble.