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Intelligent learning, personalization, and algorithms: Filtered leads workshop for London EdTech Week

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Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO of Filtered, will discuss with attendees what makes a Spotify-, Netflix-, Amazon-like personalized user experience at EdTechXEurope


London EdTech Week is a week-long celebration featuring 30+ events, with over 6000 attendees, showcasing the Now & Next of Education Technology in London from 19-23 June.

As part of London EdTech Week, the Filtered team will be attending EdTechXEurope, the leading thought leader summit bringing together executive level investors, innovators, and industry influencers from European and international education companies. A melting pot for all individuals with a vested interest in the area of EdTech, to network and share ideas, address the challenges faced, and the solutions that will propel the industry forward. 

Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO of Filtered, will be delivering a workshop entitled 'Intelligent Learning: Scratching the Surface' at 10:45am. This interactive morning workshop will be an opportunity for peers to discuss and debate how human decision making, subject matter expertise, and artificial intelligence can combine to produce a Spotify-, Netflix-, Amazon-like personalized user experience to boost workforce skills and productivity.

Filtered's CSO, Chris Littlewood, will also be at the event joining a panel of speakers from the University of Leeds, UCL Knowledge Lab and Adaptemy to discuss how learning technology providers are stepping up to address the diversity of learning styles and habits. In this session, 'Personalized Learning - One Size Does Not Fit All' at 3:30pm, panelists will be sharing their individual standpoints as well responding to questions from the audience throughout.

A previous EdTech 20 finalist, Filtered are committed to an ambitious project of developing a recommendation engine that caters to each individual. Using algorithms and machine learning the company aims to serve up a playlist of useful learning content specific to the user. See this tool in action here.