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Can algorithms shape online learning?

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Filtered to showcase its personalized approach to learning at a webinar this Thursday.

London, 10th February 2014 – Filtered, the online education platform which maximises the impact of business training by carefully selecting the content most valuable to each user, is running a webinar this week to discuss how algorithms originally developed for marketing purposes can create a richer, more relevant experience for each learner during online training.

The webinar Personalization Through Adaptive Technologies is organized by Filtered in partnership with the Learning and Skills Group. Dr. Chris Littlewood, Head of Science at Filtered, will be leading the session just a couple of weeks after presenting a similar topic at the recent Learning Technologies Event.


Details of the session:

Algorithms are now widely used to extract insight from the rich data generated by website users. Their usage has spread from search, to marketing and retargeting; but can algorithms be applied usefully to online training?

Mr. Littlewood will draw on Filtered’s experience to propose some principles for the application of algorithms to online training. You will hear about:

  • The use of algorithms to make online training more personalized
  • Perspective on its opportunities and pitfalls
  • How Filtered algorithm carefully selects the content most valuable to each user


How to take part:

1. Participants can save the date in their calendar here Export to Outlook or iCal (.ics).

2. To join the webinar, users should follow the URL below and click the 'Attend' button 10-15 minutes before the session starts.

The webinar will take place 10am - 11am, 12th February 2015.


Dr. Chris Littlewood:

Chris, Head of Science at Filtered, worked as a consultant at strategy boutique Mars & Co after completing degrees in physics and math at Oxford and Cambridge, and conducting research in particle physics at CERN. He has ten years’ experience in strategy development and execution across numerous industries. Chris co-founded Filtered in 2009, with Managing Director Marc Zao-Sanders, and he leads on the science behind the product, particularly the filtering algorithm which powers the platform.