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Ross Dickie wins Bronze at Learning Technologies Awards 2022

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Ross Dickie wins the Bronze award in the ‘Learning designer of the Year’ category at the 2022 Learning Technologies Awards.


The ‘Learning designer of the Year’ award recognizes the ‘contribution that learning designers make to the success of learning technologies projects’ and is assessed based on ‘consistent high quality and effective learning design over at least four years.

Speaking about working with Ross, Tiffany Walz, Learning Ops & Strategy Lead, Google said:

"Ross Dickie has been an amazing partner for our Finance team. He's designed engaging, effective training courses that our learners love. Ross takes the time to build positive relationships with our subject matter experts and has become somewhat of a regulatory expert himself! I feel confident stepping back while he leads these training initiatives from beginning to end - delivering quality materials on time."

Ross’ manager Ross Garner, Head of Learning Experience at Mind Tools for Business comments:

“Ross is an internationally experienced learning designer, working with clients, learners, and subject matter experts across industries to create engaging e-learning and practical performance support tools. Through a combination of his approachable personality and sharp insight, he’s able to challenge clients to re-define the problems they face and puts the learner’s needs at the heart of every project. And as a host of The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, he’s become an authoritative voice in our industry with much still to offer.”

Ross’ Bronze award is the fourth consecutive year that Mind Tools has won in this category making the Learning Experience team a well and truly award-winning team. In 2021 Gemma Towersey took Gold, in 2020, Tracey McDonald took Bronze and in 2019, Ross Garner took Gold.