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Mind Tools Annual L&D Benchmark Report highlights need for a ‘people first, technology second’ approach to L&D

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Today, Mind Tools for Business has published its 19th Annual L&D Benchmark Report which addresses the crucial question ‘Is your learning culture keeping pace with rapid digitalization?’


In this year’s report, Mind Tools gathered insights from 772 L&D leaders and their teams through the Learning Performance Benchmark to find out what top performing learning organizations are doing differently to positively impact organization growth, productivity, profitability, and transformation.

A key theme running through the report is reimagining workplace learning, with a particular focus on digitalization, cultural innovation, talent and capability, and how L&D teams’ partner with the wider organization. The research delves deeper into these areas and shines light on the need for a ‘people first, technology second’ approach to L&D.

The global pandemic has accelerated digital learning with face-to-face learning no longer being the gold standard, and for the first time since 2003 data has shown that online methods have taken over traditional learning methods.

Although we’ve seen a rise in digital learning, the latest research highlights that 56% of organizations aren’t measuring the impact that their digital technologies are having. The research further highlights that organizations shouldn’t assume that digital solutions solve cultural issues. Instead, digital solutions have the potential to turn challenges, like COVID-19, into opportunities.

The report looks at:

  • Future-proofing your learning strategy – What key behaviors and capabilities that are associated with a future-proof learning organization?
  • How to attract, retain, and develop top talent - What behaviours lead to a stronger, talent-focused approach to learning? How can performance management measure impact?
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning - How can L&D teams’ partner with the wider organization to build a culture of continuous learning in the workplace?
  • How to create the perfect blend - How can organizations invest in more cost-effective learning solutions that focus less on technology and more on the people using them?

‘As part of Mind Tools continuing commitment to supporting the L&D industry and the learning community we’re excited to bring you our 19th Annual L&D Benchmark Report. This year we’re sharing rich insights from over 772 L&D leaders to help L&D teams positively impact organizational growth, productivity, and profitability. With a strong focus on digitalization and cultural innovation this is a great opportunity for L&D leaders to pause, reflect and reimagine workplace learning!’
Nahdia Khan, Chief Impact Officer, Mind Tools for Business 

You can read the full report here