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Mind Tools for Business Annual L&D Benchmarking Report 2021 - Innovate, Dominate, or Decline

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The opportunity is there, the question now is whether L&D leaders are ready to spearhead a once-in-a-generation organizational transformation? In our 18th Annual L&D Benchmarking report, explore how top performing L&D leaders navigate through uncertainty, balance efficiency and innovation, to have real impact on their organizations.

Mind Tools for Business new Annual Benchmark Report 2021
Mind Tools for Business new Annual Benchmark Report 2021 

Today, organizations face relentless competition. We highlight that organizations depend more than ever on their L&D leaders and teams to ensure that they thrive in a complex, volatile, and ambiguous world.

Our 2021 Annual L&D Benchmark report pulls data from 995 L&D senior leaders, collected via the Learning Performance Benchmark. 83% of participants are budget holders and/or lead a department/function.

The report also draws on data from 6,000+ employees collected via our Learner Intelligence Programme, through which we have been collecting data on employee perceptions on learning and development for over a decade, bringing our total sample to over 65,000 participants.

Our sample is truly global and representative, with 83 countries and 22 industries represented.

The full report is now available to download from


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