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The Learning Health Check is open for 2020

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What is it and why should you do it? The Learning Health Check from Emerald Works is the only independent and confidential benchmarking tool in the L&D industry.

The Learning Health Check is developed in partnership with academics, methodology specialists, L&D practitioners and business leaders. This ensures the longitudinal study is robust – giving you evidence to make smart decisions.

When you take the online survey, you benchmark your business processes and compare your performance metrics with those of other organizations.

The Health Check guides you through questions about your learning offering and impact. And helps you to reflect on areas that need improvement.With it, you can see how your L&D strategy compares against your peers and get practical tips to improve – and outperform them.

What does it look like?

Once you complete your Learning Health Check review, you’ll get access to your personalized results dashboard. Here, you’ll see data that highlights how you compare with other organizations in areas such as learning technologies. And which parts of your learning strategy you want to improve on.

In addition to your results, the dashboard also highlights trends in technologies, common barriers to learning and the top L&D skills to master. You can find out more about personalized data and results on the Emerald Works website.

What’s new for 2020?

This year, the Learning Health Check has questions on COVID-19. Emerald Works will release the high-level findings from the survey in August to better understand the pandemic’s impact on the L&D industry. So, now’s an opportunity to have your say.

VIP insights

Also new for 2020, when you complete the Learning Health Check, you and your organization will get VIP Insight Status. This gives you the following benefits:

  • personalized results specific to your industry
  • early bird access to industry events and webinars
  • exclusive invites to the latest research launches

VIP Insight Status also gives you the chance to join the Learning Innovation Group. This community of learning professionals work together to solve problems in their industries and sectors.

See the stats

What motivates over 8,500 organizations worldwide to complete the Learning Health Check? And how does it improve their learning strategy? You can see for yourself with this handy infographic from Emerald Works.

Ready to start? You can take the Learning Health Check here.
It takes around 45 minutes for an individual to complete and a little longer for teams.