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Elaura launches enhanced expresso package at LT19

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Elaura’s expresso package, designed to make every employee the primary driver of their own development, is getting a major upgrade at LT19 with the inclusion of an innovative self-service video package.


expresso is a cloud-based platform for employee development, built around the best-in-class Birkman Method assessment engine. Designed for fast-and-wide deployment in large-scale organisations, expresso gives each employee a secure account where they can complete the online Birkman Questionnaire, and then explore and interact with their results whenever they want to, indefinitely. (The data generated is stable in adults out beyond five years and in practice much longer than that). 

The major upgrade to expresso being announced at LT19 includes the following: 

video workshop package designed for self-facilitation of groups and self-study by individuals, comprising Video material, timecoded facilitator and self-study guides, workbooks and more;

2-day in-house capacity building training for L&D, Talent, HR Professionals, Coaches, Mentors and Facilitators; 
Plug-and-play options to connect with: large scale recruitment screening, senior selection support, executive coaching, succession planning, Birkman Certification and organisational capacity and culture mapping and analytics (using Tableau).

The video workshop package comprises 45 minutes of material which, with interactive and individual exercises, discussion etc, provides a high quality, full day workshop. Topics covered range from simple self-understanding around motivations, behaviours and perception, to key issues such as cross-functional working, making the best use of learning opportunities, change readiness and managing personal resilience.

Early adopters of the video workshop package have been enthusiastic. One Talent lead in NZ commented, “there is nothing else like expresso in the assessment and development space; the ability to keep coming back to the data and get new insights for a specific situation, and to keep addressing personal and career development questions is unique.”

Other benefits include:

* Creating a shared language for talking about talent and performance across the full spectrum of Operational and HR functions;
* Social learning as employees choose to share their results freely, thanks to accurate, objective and non-judgemental nature of the data;
* Top-Consultant grade insight - without the costly consultants.