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Increase in L&D sentiment for AI; re-skilling top but down

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The L&D Global Sentiment Survey results are published today; Re-skilling and up-skilling remains top but down in Europe and North America; Large increase in sentiment for AI.

Donald H Taylor discusses sentiment in L&D with Rob Clarke
Donald H Taylor discusses sentiment in L&D with Rob Clarke 

The annual Global Sentiment Survey in L&D, run by Don Taylor, is out. For the last two years reskilling and upskilling was seen as the hottest topic. Is that still the case? What about AI? Surely, with all of the focus on ChatGPT, especially in our sector, this might now be number one.

Donald H Taylor joins Learning News with the results of this year's survey and an analysis of the big risers and fallers and what might be influencing them.

Donald H Taylor explains: “The results are in for the L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2023 – and the contrast with last year is huge. Gone is the post-pandemic desire for social learning, replaced by a focus on AI and analytics.” 

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