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Docebo learning management system helps the Italian National Basketball Federation

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The Italian National Basketball Federation (Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro (FIP)) has recently embraced e-learning, merging traditional classroom-based training with online learning to provide blended learning opportunities to those within its remit.

Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.
Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo. 

According to the FIP, this is making possible a range of new training opportunities, while making the learning cheaper, more comfortable and available to everyone - both amateurs and professionals – involved in basketball throughout Italy, on an on-demand basis. This benefits both the FIP and all the learners.

Wanting to develop a uniform, ubiquitous knowledge system which would be available to anyone throughout the whole of Italy; to manage the increasing learning activity, and also to monitor the learners’ progress, the FIP chose the Docebo Enterprise Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning management system (LMS). This LMS is currently managing and monitoring the learning records of some 2,000 basketball-related learners throughout Italy.

According to the FIP, it chose the Docebo LMS because:

  • Docebo, the Italian leader in e-learning solutions, is a synonym for excellence
  • The Docebo LMS enables the FIP to manage a large number of training projects, all of which have been created in-line with FIP’s goals and are proving effective
  • Docebo’s tools allow the FIP’s basketball experts to share their knowledge online – especially with the association’s coaches
  • They also allow the FIP’s managers to constantly monitor all the learners’ training records, via the Docebo system’s in-built reporting tools

It believes that such a system will increase competitiveness throughout the sport in Italy and on the international scene. Moreover, ultimately, the FIP believes that this will contribute to the overall growth of Italian basketball.

Recognizing that competitiveness in all sports has increased markedly - certainly over the last few years and especially at international level – the FIP concluded that increasing emphasis needs to be placed on the training of coaches and players. Consequently it is implementing innovative training strategies, via the Docebo LMS, in order to enhance the competitiveness of all those operating within Italian basketball.

Having organized training courses for managers, coaches, mini-basket coaches and referees for some time, the FIP - in line with other international basketball federations - is now introducing regular training updates for coaches and managers. These updates, which are mandatory for all those in basketball coaching or management, highlight the importance of regular and high quality training in order for the sport to develop and reach its full potential in Italy.

Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO, commented: “While it’s still rather early to see the effects of the new training regime in terms of improved on-court international success, there’s every indication that more learning materials are reaching more people under the auspices of the FIP than ever before.

“There are also indications – recorded and reported via the Docebo LMS - that these learning materials are being accessed, on demand, throughout Italy. This should help all aspects of the FIP’s work to prosper and, ultimately, for Italian basketball to perform to its full potential and achieve as much as is possible.”

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About the Italian National Basketball Federation

The Rome-based, not-for-profit organization, Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro (FIP) – the Italian National Basketball Federation - was established in 1921 to promote, regulate and develop the sport of basketball, both its professional and amateur versions, in Italy. It does so in accordance with the constitutional principles of the Federation Internationale de Basketball (FIBA), which is affiliated to the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Not only does it organize national competitions in Italy but it’s also responsible for the Italian national basketball team, along with the Italian basketball leagues, including the country's two professional leagues, Lega Basket Serie A and Serie A2 Gold Basket. Currently, there are some 159,000 adult basketball players under the FIP’s jurisdiction, along with 146,000 juniors. It licenses some 13,000 coaches, 400 sports trainers, 18,000 team managers, 7,200 referees and mini-referees and also employs 3,000 field officers. There are some 7,500 basketball clubs and mini-basket centers in Italy – and some 7,100 mini-basket coaches.