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CloudQast makes corporate communications and learning easier and more efficient for Scott Bader

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The global chemical company, Scott Bader, is making its corporate communications and learning & development (L&D) activities easier and more efficient than ever. Scott Bader is achieving this through using video-based learning materials produced by the leadership communications specialist, CloudQast.

Caroline Lewis, Scott Bader’s Group Learning and Development Manager.
Caroline Lewis, Scott Bader’s Group Learning and Development Manager. 

Initially engaged to produce learning materials – in various languages - for Scott Bader’s 670 people in 14 countries on important anti-bribery legislation, CloudQast has gone on to develop a range of further communications and learning materials.


All of these – along with a number of Scott Bader-produced health and safety related learning products, as well as corporate communications messages - are all available via Scott Bader’s dedicated Cloud-based CloudQast platform.


Encouraged by the effectiveness of CloudQast’s products and platform, Scott Bader also commissioned CloudQast directors Damian Gaskin and Lindsey Mack to make a film telling Scott Bader’s story. The result – called ‘Keeping Good Company’ – was produced in 2015.


So far, according to Richard Thomas, Scott Bader’s Group People and Organisational Development Director, CloudQast produces the online learning materials the company needs, “in the relevant languages, to a high quality and within a tight budget.”


“In terms of compliance, the CloudQast platform allows us to deploy learning materials and also generate reports detailing who’s completed the learning – and the assessment scores they obtained,” said Caroline Lewis, Scott Bader’s Group Learning and Development Manager.


“Moreover, in terms of corporate communications, the platform enables us to check how many people – and which individuals – have accessed which materials on the platform. Indeed, 500 of our 670 colleagues around the world are registered on the platform and have access to all of the material on there.


“They access the materials for formal L&D purposes as well as for informal learning – about corporate strategy and product updates, for example.


“The CloudQast platform is an efficient and highly cost-effective way of conducting worldwide corporate communications, along with L&D – and of ensuring our colleagues are aware of their responsibilities under national and international legislation, such as the Bribery Act,” concluded Caroline.


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