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Q-Validus, in conjunction with BPP Learning Media and BTL launch Spreadsheet Safe™

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The Spreadsheet Safe™ training and certification programme was created in response to the growing requirements of organizations to reduce the risks posed by unsafe end-user developed spreadsheets. Spreadsheet Safe™ has been developed with the involvement of some of the world's leading experts in the area of spreadsheet design and control.

Spreadsheet SafeTM is an innovative training and certification programme designed to help spreadsheet end-users and organizations to:

• Design, maintain and control spreadsheets
• Raise awareness of key issues and potential problems in spreadsheet use
• Deliver the skills and knowledge required to check work and ensure the integrity of information
• Mitigate risk around spreadsheet use
• Demonstrate a commitment to best practice
• Ensure highest standards in spreadsheet development, maintenance and control
• Give confidence in the validity and credibility of spreadsheets.

The Q-Validus, BPP Learning Media and BTL partnership brings together 3 leading providers of certification, learning and assessment solutions. The expertise in this partnership means Spreadsheet SafeTM has been designed to an industry standard certification level with the latest technology and learning styles in mind.

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