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Careers guidance for digital learning developers

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Bright Matter Resourcing's 'Guide to a career as a digital learning developer' published at the CIPD Learning & Development Show: covering the role, qualifications, skills, tools, employment and getting ahead.

A guide to a career as a digital learning developer is available from Bright Matter Resourcing
A guide to a career as a digital learning developer is available from Bright Matter Resourcing 

Bright Matter Resourcing has today published a Guide to a career as a digital learning developer, which provides the latest information on the role of digital learning developers: the qualifications needed, important skills, popular software tools, information about employment, salaries and experience levels and other essential careers information for digital learning developers.

“Having recruited digital learning developers for many years, I am often asked where people can find information about careers: qualifications, skills, tools, employers and so on.  Some require insights into how to get started or transition into a learning developer role; others ask about progressing a career, adding to skills and qualifications to reach a new career milestone. People want know how to get ahead, how to develop their career,” explained Marie Faulkner, Director, Bright Matter Resourcing and author of the guide.

It’s an exciting time to be a digital learning developer. Technologies and learning keep evolving and much is changing about how we learn. Digital learning developers are in high demand with both learning and education providers and with corporate L&D departments.

“While there’s plenty of information available through industry bodies and events, research reports, news sites, et al, what’s really been needed for some time is all of the important things structuring into a useful guide,” added Marie Faulkner.

Bright Matter Resourcing’s Guide to a career as a digital learning developer is intended for both employers and employees and is for those just starting out on a career and those with many years’ experience. It is available via Bright Matter Resourcing’s web site as a PDF download.

The careers guide was published today at the annual CIPD Learning and Development Show.