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Bright Matter Resourcing targets new hire engagement in L&D sector

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Bright Matter Resourcing, the learning recruitment agent, is introducing an engagement programme to support employer-new hire relationships in the crucial period following a candidate’s acceptance of a job offer through to official on-boarding into their new role.

Marie Faulkner: improving candidate experience in L&D recruitment
Marie Faulkner: improving candidate experience in L&D recruitment 

“There’s much that employers, candidates and recruitment agents can do to improve candidate experience and promote positive communication, surprisingly often overlooked, in the period following a job offer,” points out Marie Faulkner, Founder and Managing Director, Bright Matter Resourcing.

“Engaging a candidate during their notice period helps to build trust and buy-in between employers and new hires.”

Bright Matter Resourcing’s ‘pre-onboarding’ service contains engagements and interventions to better connect candidates with their new employers, helping with socialising and developing a sense of belonging, right from the outset.

Competition for talent in the learning industry is increasing and a candidates’ market is emerging as growth in the learning sector spreads. Learning providers are looking for proven skill sets in learning design and development, the best use of learning technologies, business development professionals with a track record and management professionals with proven achievements.

“This is a challenge to the learning sector with learning providers battling it out to attract from a small pool of really experienced talent, often with passive candidates not yet fully committed to making a career move. Building trust in the employer-candidate relationship during those crucial weeks after the job offer is accepted improves the resolve of new hires and helps them to socialise into their new work community,” adds Marie Faulkner.

A CIPD resourcing and talent planning survey identified that over 80% of organisations feel that competition has increased over the last two years with 78% experiencing recruitment difficulties.

“When candidates see that time and care is being spent on their behalf by their new employer, it follows that they feel more engaged and excited about their career move: a welcome phone call from a new peer, making learning resources available, engaging with social networks, sharing company values and beliefs, through to practical things like where to park and getting lap-tops, phones and security passes sorted out. Our pre-onboarding programme provides these kinds of engagements at the heart of our service,” adds Marie Faulkner.

Bright Matter Resourcing’s pre-onboarding programme

During the post-job-offer period the employer works through Bright Matter Resourcing’s pre-onboarding checklist to ensure each candidate has regular communication with a designated peer contact, gets to know more about the company and the department that they are joining and any uncertainty is significantly reduced. Employers have much to gain through a deeper understanding of their new hire earlier and ensuring the candidate is socialised within the organisation.

“In today’s competitive recruitment market, it isn’t uncommon for candidates to be offered alternative roles in between an offer and a start date, Bright Matter Resourcing’s pre-onboarding programme, reduces this potential by connecting and cementing the employer-candidate relationship right from the outset.”