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BroadSkill and Alopeto complete successful Nestlé training roll-out

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BroadSkill, the UK's largest supplier of freelance IT trainers, and Alopeto, a learning solutions provider based in Glasgow, today reported on the successful completion of a European roll-out of desktop training for Nestlé Purina. The challenging project involved training around 3,500 staff in their local language at mainly rural locations spread right across Europe.

Alopeto, who source all of Nestlé Purina’s European training, selected BroadSkill as their partner for the training because of their ability to project manage major roll-outs involving large groups of local trainers. BroadSkill used its European network to source the local language instructors.

The project, which started in August 2003 and is due to finish this month, consisted of a half-day’s training on new Windows and Office 2000 based systems followed by a half-day’s floor-walking. The countries involved included Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Stephen Fletcher, MD of BroadSkill, said: “Apart from the challenge of finding good trainers in each of the languages required by the project, we also had to cope with the difficulty of finding people close to the often remote locations where the training was to be held. In addition, because of the shift system operating in some offices, instructors were often expected to work until midnight.”

David Small, CEO of Alopeto, said: “As one of our companies most challenging and important contracts it was imperative that the tutor led aspect we wanted delivered be awarded to a company whom we were confident could deliver to our extremely high standards. Alopeto had to co-ordinate every aspect of the project from translating, printing, arranging distribution of training handouts to sourcing and scheduling trainers across the UK and Europe. In terms of the trainers I could not have chosen a better partner to assist me in this European roll out. They have consistently lived up to our high expectations and the partnership has proven to be a healthy one”

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