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Online learning given the thumbs up by Intuition classroom trainers

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Classroom course trainers registered with Intuition, the UK's largest supplier of freelance IT trainers, are reporting success in using online learning to keep their skills relevant and up to date. Last November, the company announced a strategic partnership with to provide free courses to Intuition trainers, and the value of the arrangement is now becoming apparent.

Amongst those who have benefited is Irene Dowas, an Intuition associate trainer, who has been through the SQL Server 2000 Database Design course modules. "The market has become incredibly competitive and customers are now much more choosy," she says. “Keeping my skills current is critical to securing a good stream of work. I've found the e-learning effective, and it's also a real help in reducing expense, both in terms of savings on the cost of courses, materials or exams, and reduction in my time out of work.”

One of the most important factors in delivering excellent training is the knowledge of the instructor and their anecdotal experience. Intuition recognises this by helping its trainers to develop their skills, not only with online learning but also with classroom courses and the opportunity to participate in application development projects.

In addition, Intuition provides a large number of TAP certified trainers to its partners. “This is becoming an increasingly important requirement for our trainers and we are committed to supporting the Institute of IT Training and the industry by encouraging our trainers to become TAP certified,” says Stephen Fletcher, Managing Director of Intuition.

Often, IT trainers specialise in one particular area. By helping its instructors to cross-train on other technologies and to develop core skills, Intuition can increase the pool of qualified personnel across the UK. This benefits clients by allowing projects to be resourced using local expertise, thereby avoiding costly travel and accommodation expenses.