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Intuition to supply Spring with trainers

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7 October 2002: Intuition, the UK's largest supplier of freelance trainers, is now providing instructors to Spring IT Training (Spring), one of the UK's leading IT technical, end user and professional skills training companies. The impetus came from a project for a major pharmaceutical company that required expert trainers skilled in VBA and Windows XP at short notice. Unable to release their own trainers in time, Spring turned to Intuition for help. This first project is expected to be followed by others.

"We only had two to three weeks to put everything together, including writing the courseware," said Tony Martin, Programme Manager at Spring. "Intuition were very quick and worked over the weekend to produce the proposal."

Intuition fielded a project team of 5 instructors who worked with Spring trainers to write an Office VBA manual covering the differences between Microsoft Office 97 and Office XP, develop custom training sessions, and deliver both standard and customised training on VBA and Microsoft Windows XP using Spring's mobile training classroom capability. The team liased with US counterparts who will be using the courseware in a simultaneous rollout.

"Intuition pulled out all the stops and had people interrupting their holidays to complete the development work," continued Martin. "I was particularly pleased by their flexibility and the high level of communication that's essential for an international programme of this kind."

Intuition has over 1200 freelance trainers skilled in a wide range of technologies and geographically spread across the UK, making it relatively easy to put together project teams of the right sort in the right place at short notice. The company already supports many of the UK's leading training suppliers, as well as some large corporates.

"My expectation is that we'll be using Intuition much more in the future," concluded Martin.