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Amnis and Terema achieve a full house

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The collaboration between Amnis, the specialist healthcare quality, innovation and productivity improvement enabler, and Terema, the human factors organisation, was a resounding success at the Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) congress, in Harrogate, in October.

Indeed, Diane Gilmour, President of the AfPP, commented: “The Amnis and Terema stand has been a highlight of the event for many participants.”

Amnis and Terema brought together expertise designed to ensure a smooth and effective flow of patients into theatre and effective behaviours from the theatre teams themselves. To emphasise this, they arranged to bring a flight simulator - staffed by serving airline pilots - to the AfPP Congress and allow delegates to try their skills at flying and landing a modern passenger jet.

According to Amnis’ managing director, Mark Eaton: “The focus at the Amnis and Terema stand was on both having fun as well as demonstrating the importance of improving the flow of patients and the way that teams work in high pressure environments.

“Success in aviation is achieved by maintaining safety and quality while providing efficient and effective use of resources in a complex and dynamic environment,” he continued.

“In healthcare, even more than aviation, staff are central to success. Optimisation of systems and processes – provided by Amnis – must be undertaken in co-ordination with the development of people and culture, which is provided by Terema.”

Eaton added: “Over the three days of the congress, there were 86 ‘official’ slots available on the flight simulator. We managed to squeeze 88 people through and we had a waiting list that ran into dozens, so that we could have filled each slot three times.”

Libby Campbell OBE, Director of Nursing at NHS Lothian said: “The simulator was excellent. I can see the link between it and the need for human factors and Lean methodology training in healthcare.”

Terema’s Phil Higton commented: “It was great to be able to see the enthusiasm of the theatre staff in the simulator as they got the chance to fly and land a Boeing 737 - with many of them achieving impressive scores.”

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