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ALISON launches a new Face

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ALISON, a world-leading free learning for the workplace website launched its new-look website today. The website includes many new social networking features, faster registration, a more intuitive study area and new free tools to make learning, teaching or training on ALISON an even better experience than before.

Galway, Ireland - ALISON launched a new version of its website today that will enrich the learning experience of learners in every country worldwide. Many of the features now available were requested by our registered learners (ALISONIANS!) across the world. The initial re-launch sees changes to the homepage and courseware environment; and over the coming months the complete narrative of the website will be revised as new services are added and refined.

Specific changes and additions to the ALISON service are as follows:

(i) You may now use your e-mail address as well as your username to access ALISON (your password will remain the same!) (ii) There are now open Forums relating to every course on the site and we encourage learners to create new forums on topics of further interest to either themselves or other learners. (iii) Beneath every page of learning, we include a comment box where helpful comments and guides for other learners may be left. These commentaries will be edited by trusted ALISONIAN volunteers across the world. (iv) You are not alone: within every course you can now see how many people are currently online and how many people are currently enrolled in that course.

In the coming weeks ALISON will be launching new courses in the English language (British Council) and IT Literacy (Microsoft). Meanwhile if you have courseware you would like to see hosted on ALISON, please let us know. Remember too that teachers, trainers and HR Managers can manage their learner groups at no cost using ALISON Manager, and ALISON will be announcing a new live tutor service before the end of the year.