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Content Master at MIX show in Vegas

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Content Master developer guru Derek Lakin will be at the MIX show in Las Vegas. The show, which runs from 5th to 7th March is billed as an intimate opportunity for cutting-edge technical, creative and business strategists to engage Microsoft in a conversation about the future of the web. Speakers will be exploring the latest opportunities to redefine the boundaries between content and commerce, PC and TV, Windows and the Web.

Content Master works closely with a number of product groups within Microsoft and other leading companies, promoting their latest technologies though innovative product launch materials, sales product training materials and sales toolkits.

Of particular interest to MIX attendees is the capability that Content Master has built up in the areas of WPF, SilverLight and Expressions. Derek Lakin said “…it's about the user experience which includes exciting UX technologies like WPF. Content Master have historically had fantastic skills in Flash and related graphics tools, but now we have added these powerful new Microsoft products to our repertoire and are using them in significant real developments”