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Industry Icon's New Wireless Security Training Designed to Thwart Hackers

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Nessus co-founder Jordan Hrycaj has completed the testing of 7Safe's new university-accredited wireless security training course.

With numerous unsafe wireless implementations making life easy for malicious hackers to spoof devices, gain unauthorised access to systems and perform damaging attacks on networks, the new training course reflects the very latest in wireless security techniques and places an increased emphasis on practical "hands on" experience.

Security dangers associated with wireless devices are manifold, including connection to rogue Wi-Fi networks, weak encryption, and the lack of authentication controls in software.

In the new course, delegates are taught how to implement a comprehensive series of wireless security measures and also explore how an attacker might attempt to subvert and bypass each type of security control.

The inaugural public running of the Wireless Security: Hands-On course takes place on the 24th and 25th of September 2007 at 7Safe's state-of-the-art training facility in Cambridge, with only a few places remaining.

To book a place, 7Safe can be contacted on +44 870 600 1667.