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Social media guru Adam Gray speaks at the ISMM’s Business Success Seminars

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Adam Gray, the social media specialist, will be giving keynote presentation at two of this autumn’s Business Success Seminars, organised by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM). The seminars take place in Swindon on 27th October and in Southampton on 10th November.

According to Gray, who advises organisations on their social media strategy, the messages delivered through TV and magazine advertising, junk mail, telesales and every other marketing channel have led sales prospects to run away.

“They now hide behind spam filters, voicemail and gatekeepers so they are all but unreachable via our ‘unique’ offerings,” he explained. “Even if we do get through to them, they won’t be paying attention.

“However,” he continued, “instead of you selling, it could be them buying. Instead of you shouting to be heard, it could be them listening.”

At the seminars in Swindon and Southampton, Gray will be explaining why things have changed, how things have changed and how to harness the power of social media to give you the business advantage that you need.

“In particular, I’ll be outlining five things that you need to do – today – in order to start to harness the power of social media,” he said.

“Some people are already doing well at ‘social media’. For them, my talk should be reassuring.

“Others are doing social media half-heartedly. I hope my presentation will motivate these people to move forwards with what they’re doing.

“But those who are not doing social media – even avoiding it – need to be encouraged to dip their toes in the social media ocean.”

Also presenting at these seminars is goal mapping expert Brian Mayne. Among other things, he will be explaining how to set goals that really work; suggesting ways to condition your subconscious to enable you to succeed; outlining the ‘creative cycle’, and exploring why lateral leadership is the key to driving innovation.

Organised by the ISMM - the UK's association for sales professionals - the seminars are part of a series of Business Success Seminars being held at various venues around the country from September to December. Each seminar begins at 6.15pm with a networking session – with refreshments. The presentations follow, leaving time for more business networking from 8.30pm to 9pm.

The seminars, which are sponsored by Ellis Salsby and De Vere, aims to provide thought-provoking ideas and practical insights for maximising sales and winning new business.

Delegate places are free for ISMM members. Those who are not members of the ISMM but who would like to attend the seminar should contact June Kelly on 01582 840001.

Places must be pre-booked via the ISMM website, at: