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Tata Interactive Systems wins APEX 2015 Award

Mumbai, INDIALearning NewsTata Interactive Systems

APEX 2015 Awards were based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence.

Mumbai, June 29, 2015: Tata Interactive Systems’ (TIS) Nursing Simulation for Learning Strategies International Inc. (LSI) has won the APEX 2015 Award in the Electronic Media - Education & Training category.

TIS developed a solution that provided a learning tool to the Chinese nursing students that enables risk free practice of clinical decision-making, prioritization and communication skills in a virtual hospital setting.

The simulation has been created using Autodesk Maya, 3D Max and Unity 3D Game engine. The use of patient simulators in nursing education is a relatively new instructional methodology that brings the learner into an immersive setting and allows him/her to take decisions and learn through their consequences. Through patient simulation scenarios, essential elements of patient safety can be emphasized, such as prevention of medication errors, promotion of effective communication, and the importance of teamwork. Learners can be exposed to critical care scenarios and have the opportunity to respond without fear of harming a live patient.

"We are very pleased for the recognition of our collaboration with Tata Interactive Systems in the design and development of our education prototype. What we know about how students learn squares beautifully with the use of the simulation technology. That combined with TIS' creativity and expertise in graphic design is bringing our vision of the Virtual Hospital to life," cites Donald J. MacIntyre, Chairman and CEO, Learning Strategies International.

“The Virtual Clinical Simulation Tool addresses the present reality of the lack of face-to-face clinical placement options and limited access to high fidelity manikin-based simulation training. This product completes the suite of clinical experiences necessary to prepare today's nursing workforce,” adds Lora Claywell, Senior Curriculum Designer, Learning Strategies International.


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