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Tata Interactive Systems features in ‘Top 20 Gamification Companies’ list for the second consecutive year

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Tata Interactive’s track record in gamification is impressive with many of its games and gamified solutions winning awards and customer appreciation every year.

Mumbai, October 27, 2015: Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a global provider of learning solutions, has been named in the ‘Top 20 Gamification Companies’ list by for the second consecutive year. This initiative is part of’s mission to monitor the training marketplace for the best providers of gamification services/technologies in support of corporate learning and development.

“Tata Interactive has been a leading advocate of gamified learning, as the game mechanics offer greater knowledge retention, improve problem solving & collaboration skills as well as exhibit higher learner engagement. While learning through games are immersive, the use of game elements like points, badges & leaderboards provide instantaneous feedback and reward progress,” avers Saurabh Mittal, COO, Tata Interactive Systems.

“We at TIS also offer the analytics component in gamified solutions that enable organisations to understand the effectiveness of its learning and communication mechanisms, as well as get an insight into the gaps, right down to the level of each individual. This allows for customization and personalisation of the communication and learning programs,” explains Saurabh.

The selection of this year's "Top 20" list was based on the following criteria: Features & capabilities of the gamification products/services, company size & growth potential, quality & number of clients/users, geographic reach, as well as awards, recognition & competitive differentiation. “Our second annual Top 20 Gamification Companies list showcases the companies who best integrate gaming into learning and development programs,” said Ken Taylor, president, Training Industry, Inc. “The top companies provide some of the most innovative forms of gamification in learning, whether we are discussing serious games, training simulations or any other form of structured training program.”

“Incorporating gamification into your corporate training remains a strong trend across the industry,” said Doug Harward, chief executive officer, Training Industry Inc. “Those selected are incredibly in tune with their clients’ needs and goals and provide them with solutions that enhance the training experience and the employee’s retention of the new skills.”


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