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Tata Interactive Systems announces white paper on Learning Analytics in EPM

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• Explores the progression of Learning Analytics in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) • Provides the framework and micro-solutions for ease of gradual evolution • Examines the challenges and benefits that this service brings to the industry

Mumbai, June 9, 2015: Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), the world’s leading developer of learning solutions today announced the release of a new white paper “Learning Analytics in Enterprise Performance Management”. TIS has developed this white paper as part of its ongoing effort to improve the performance standard of an employee by formulating a strategy of proactive training and reactively supporting with ‘as per need’ information at work.

TIS’ data analyst and training consultants have done significant work on the learning and performance management analytics model. This integrates the highest level of maturity in measuring predictive human errors and develops prescriptive immersive learning and performance support systems.

In the paper, TIS says, “Learning analytics is focused on building systems that are able to adjust content, levels of support and other personalised services by capturing, reporting, processing and acting on data on an ongoing basis. Hence, learning analytics seeks to combine historical and current user data to predict the kinds of services that users may find useful.”

The white paper also focusses on TIS’ recommendations for incremental steps in implementing learning analytics. TIS recommends an organisation to have a two-pronged approach while implementing analytics in its learning management:

1. Focus on quick wins

2. Develop a well-designed roadmap for the next 3-5 years with milestones defined for each objective

The complete Learning Analytics in Enterprise Performance Management’ white paper is available online.

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