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Sponge to lead debate on multi-device learning

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The impact multi-device learning is having in the workplace and how businesses can make the most of responsive learning opportunities are among the topics being explored in a week long social media event.


#Multideviceweek, hosted by award-wining elearning company, Sponge UK, will bring together experts, tips, data, blogs and articles about all aspects of multi-device learning. 

As part of the event, founding members of the world’s leading open source responsive framework, Adapt will be answering questions about the technology in the first ever Adapt Hangout on Tuesday, October 6. 

Sponge UK will also be unveiling a new elearning module on cybersecurity, built using Adapt, so people can see how the technology responds to different devices. 

“The learning landscape is changing and the idea that people will sit a desk to do their workplace training already feels outdated,” said Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director, Sponge UK. “Multi-device learning is on the agenda for more and more organisations and we are hoping to host a lively debate about what this means for the way we design and develop elearning. 

“I think learners will increasingly expect to access elearning on whichever device they choose and the L&D world needs to make sure it can provide content that meets this expectation. #Multideviceweek is a way of highlighting some of the issues around responsive elearning and sharing ideas for the future, so I would encourage people to get involved.” 

The worldwide market for mobile learning is forecast to reach $12.2 billion by 2017, which is more than double its position in 2012.[i]  

As part of the event, Sponge UK will be running a poll to gauge how widespread multi-device elearning is within businesses and organisations around the world. 

#Multideviceweek takes place from October 5 to 9 via Twitter @Sponge_UK and across the company’s other social media channels. 

Anyone who would like to get involved should email [email protected]      

[i] Ambient Insight 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market