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QDooz launches its custom-built CPD-accredited platform

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In September 2019, QDooz is launching as the tailored, on-demand, digital toolkit that enables people to upskill in all areas of life. QDooz balances the structure of formal CPD with the freedom of self-directed learning - all from the comfort of your own device.

QDooz is an ambitious and innovative resource for developing the Soft Skills and Qualities needed for individuals to thrive in a changing world of work. 

Soft Skills (such as team-building, collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking) are increasingly important to the development of our future productivity, employability and leadership. 

LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trend 2019 Report highlighted, “Soft skills: what everyone wants, but no one knows how to find”. With QDooz, you need look no further. 

Few people in the workplace are normally able to access coaching and mentoring services. QDooz is an accredited digital platform and app which gives that opportunity to all employees, as well as our future workforce, using accessible, mobile technology to democratise access, enhance learning and development and foster Continuing Professional Development. 

QDooz reframes the concept of CPD to build Soft Skills and Qualities in a simple, effective way that is digitally-delivered and complements the ‘hard’ technical skills traditionally learned. 

The QDooz platform and app help individuals develop the Soft Skills and Qualities they need via articles, short-form videos, exercises, tools and practical advice, that are accredited, peer-reviewed and created by experienced coaches, mentors and subject matter experts. 

QDooz has been Accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute as a Learning Technologies Provider. As such, QDooz is delighted to attend Learning Live to share their platform and demonstrate how it will fit in with the audience of learning leaders. 

“QDooz invites you to be part of the Soft Skills revolution and ignite your potential today.”