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Paradiso LMS Awarded By for Great User Experience

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Paradiso Solutions, the leading silicon-valley based e-learning product and services company, was reviewed by They reviewed Paradiso LMS based on the functionality, collaboration features, customizations, integrations, ease of use, help & support, security, mobility and media rating offered.

“Paradiso is happy to get reviewed by and more so because they have given an objective review which we were elated to see,” said Sach Chaudhari, CEO of Paradiso Solutions. is a quick-growing platform that provides online reviews for B2B and SaaS products. This is the platform where businesses can easily find a perfect software solution for their business. It provides the vendors with an effective way to find potential clients.

The CEO sounded gleeful while commenting on the review, “This review was really helpful. It served two purposes. First, it helped us understand in a better way where we stand in the market. Second, it gave an insight into how we are viewed as a company by third party members.”

He lastly added, “Lastly, according to me, such reviews are essential to the growth of the company. It gives us an objective viewpoint on the business undertakings. When we are constantly looking at the same product, we tend to neglect the obvious. However, when a fresh set of eyeballs have a look at the same thing, they provide us with a different perspective. And this is exactly where has helped. It has given us a fresh review that’ll help us go a long way.”