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Inject Fun into Boring Videos with Interactive Videos

San Francisco, California, United StatesLearning NewsParadiso Solutions

“Interactive videos are more of dialogues than monologues. The graphical elements of the interactive videos up the engagement factor for the learners.”

Paradiso Solutions, the leading silicon-valley based e-learning product and services company, were enthusiastic when speaking about interactive videos. When it came to commenting on the feature of interactive videos, Sach Chaudhari, the CEO of Paradiso Software, said that, “Interactive videos up the engagement factor by letting the viewer decide the course of the action, or by just play around with the content.”  

So, what are interactive videos? Interactive videos in Paradiso LMS helps an organization create, share and reuse content with their learners. These are videos that are made by the addition of immersive interactive elements such as images, elaborating text, links and quizzes etc as hotspots. These hotspots pop up while the learner watches the video to make video-watching immersive.  

Andrew Das, the marketing manager at Paradiso Solutions, pitched in to elaborate a little on interactive videos, “Watching plain elearning videos can be boring. Hence, interactive videos! We’ve got reviews from learners who’ve gone through interactive videos and they seemed to have loved it. This is mainly because it serves as an opportunity for them to not just watch, but to click, swipe and otherwise engage in the video-watching process.”

Andrew further added, “The use of graphical and narrative interactive elements give it that extra zing, which plays an important role in retaining learners to learning. No doubt, interactive videos breathe life into the boring task of learning. This is actually a fantastic feature given the drab task of watching videos. ”