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Assorted Deployment Scope of SharePoint LMS

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SharePoint LMS can be used by the training department to create, distribute and track the training initiatives throughout the organization.

Paradiso Solutions, the leading silicon-valley based e-learning product and services company, threw some light on the deployment scope of SharePoint LMS. This PR was the answer to the question on usability of SharePoint LMS put forth by the elearning populace. “The LMS finds many uses in an organization. To start with, HR and similar functions can use the software for induction, compliance, competency, skill and re-certification management,” commented Sach.

He further added, “The feature of having a course catalog module makes it easy for the training manager to promote courses to the users. In case of smaller companies, where there is no dedicated training department, the LMS can be used in its own right and space to deliver online training, without bells and whistles attached. It can be used to schedule and deliver classroom based/hybrid setups, where SharePoint LMS can be used as a substitution for the sit-down classroom trainings.”

In addition, Paradiso puts forth that SharePoint LMS is cost effective, because it integrates with the organization’s already existing Microsoft stack. This benefits the organization, not only from the end-user, but also from the operational point of view. Besides, SharePoint LMS can be used as an Intranet Portal, and an Extranet Portal. A few other benefits include-

1. Complete handling of your project’s need  

2. Solve company wide challenges by projecting the process in the database and workflows

3. Helps develop the social aspect of the company

4. Helping people work better by collaborating the work processes

5. A common platform for creating, delivering and tracking training to your company, employees, partners, students alike.

6. Minimal software license investment required

7. Hardly any expansion of support staff is required, which eventually helps save on the training cost.

According to Paradiso Solutions, the deployment scope and benefits of SharePoint LMS are numerous, and this eventually helps a business leverage on the existing investment.